Climax Flexsteel Leader 1x19



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Climax Flexsteel Leader 1x19

  • The Climax Flexsteel Leader is a super-strong yet supple wire leader, made from 19 (1x19) ultra-fine braided steel threads.
  • Non-reflective surface.
  • Exceptionally abrasion-resistant.
  • Superb load-bearing capacity.
  • Mounted with clips and swivels for attaching your lures and to ensure full 360 rotation without tangling.
  • Stainless steel - also suitable for use in salt water.
  • 2 pieces per pack.
  • Length: 30cm or 60cm versions available.
  • Patrick says: "Climax is a legendary German brand of fishing braid and monofilament line, with over 60 years' experience in developing and manufacturing top quality lines.  Not only were Climax one of the first companies in Europe to produce monofilament, they were the very first to develop braid.  We are delighted to introduce this heritage brand to"