Berkley Zilla Jointed Glider



SKU: 1531692

Berkley Zilla Jointed Glider - 42g
  • Slow sinking pike lure, with jointed body for aggressive swimming action when steady-retrieved.
  • Holographic etched body and pattern for extra predator-attracting flash in the water.
  • Loud rattle when jerked.
  • Depth can be adjusted via the lure's Klip Lok system.
  • Belly and tail-mounted trebles.
  • Front mounted spit ring.
  • Available in two models: 13.5cm/42g and 18cm/80g.
  • Sinking Depth: 0.5-1.5+m.
  • Available in several colours/patterns.
  • See the Berkley Zilla Jointed Glider product video below: