Berkley B11 Polarised Sunglasses



SKU: 1531441

Berkley B11 Polarised Sunglasses
  • High-quality polarised lens sunglasses in a classic style.
  • Designed for angling, as the improved depth perception provided by polarised lenses means that you can easily see the fish in the water, however also ideal for any outdoor activity or driving.
  • Along with providing UV and IR ray protection, polarised lenses dramatically reduce light glare.
  • Available in a range of coloured lenses, each suited to different light conditions:
    • Blue: ideal for reducing general brightness, improving colour perception and seeing contours;
    • Copper/Brown: the most common lens colour for sunglasses, this is very effective under all light conditions, but particularly when sunny/partly cloudy, making them ideal for driving or hiking, for example;
    • Grey: ideal for bright sunshine and people who spend a lot of time outdoors, farming, running & cycling.
  • All models have a Black lightweight but robust polycarbonate frame.
  • 1mm TAC fully-polarised lenses made of impact-resistant material.
  • 100% UV blocking.
  • Kevin says: "We always recommend sunglasses with polarised lenses to our customers.  They are ideal for any activity where you will be outdoors for extended periods, but they are equally fantastic for everyday wear, especially when driving.  They totally eliminate sun-glare, and keep your eyes more rested than non-polarised versions.  For anglers, they offer a great view into the water to see what your prey is up to."
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