Ormond Anglers' Association Nenagh - 2024 Annual Membership

Ormond Anglers' Association Nenagh


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Ormond Angler's Association Nenagh - Annual Membership (2024)

  • Required to fish the Nenagh River and its tributaries.
  • Season opens 15th March to 30th September.
  • 3 different membership levels:
    • Blue - Adult Associate (anglers living in the Nenagh area)
    • Red - Adult Visitor 
    • Cream - Juvenile (age 16 & under)
  • Can be purchased in-store or online (subject to delivery fee).
  • NB Important:
  • More than one License - please advise all names in the Notes section of your order.
  • Red License - please include your Nationality in the Notes section (Ormond Anglers collect this data on behalf of Tourism Ireland)