Wychwood Salmon/Sea Trout Gye Net


SKU: Q0370

Wychwood Salmon/Sea Trout Gye Net - 20 and 24 Inch
  • Robust net with strong, knotless fish-friendly mesh and sturdy handle.
  • Quick release spreader block design allows one-handed use of the net head when landing large fish under strain.
  • When activated, the net head slides down the shaft of the net, locking quickly into the netting position.
  • Strong hexagonal aluminium net handle provides support and sturdiness for netting large fish.
  • Laser engraved fish length/weight graphic indicator encourages catch and release.
  • Unique, quick release, comfortable padded shoulder strap for carrying/transportation.
  • Easy-grip EVA handle.
  • Available in 2 sizes - 20 inch and 24 inch.
  • Black.