Tronixpro Surface Z Skimmer Fishing Lure


€4.99 €7.50

Tronixpro Surface Z Skimmer Fishing Lure 
  • Tronixpro is one of our best-selling sea fishing brands, with a strong following among beach, pier and boat anglers.
  • The Surface Z hard skimmer lure has a bright, holographic pattern and realistic body shape, with 3D eyes.
  • It is designed to skim/hop across the surface of the water, creating disturbance and resistance.  Its movement imitates a wounded fish and attracts larger predators.
  • The Surface Z can be used for saltwater or freshwater fish.
  • Integrated rattle for additional interest.
  • Fitted with ultra-sharp hooks at belly and tail.
  • Easy to cast and ready to use.