Starfish XXL Universal Groundbait - 3kg



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Starfish XXL Universal Groundbait - 3kg
  • Premium quality, great value range of European-produced groundbaits.
  • Developed by match anglers, to suit a variety of angling situations and every budget.
  • Made with high quality, natural ingredients, impregnated with a food-based attractant aroma.
  • Mix with water and push through a sieve.  
  • Can be combined with worms, hemp, corn, castors or maggots etc.
  • Instructions for use on back of pack.
  • Colour: Tan.
  • Ingredients: grain cereals, bread, herbs, minerals, nuts, food aromas and dyes.
  • 2.5kg bag.
  • Donagh says: "As the name suggests, this 3kg XXL bag of Universal groundbait is ideal for longer fishing trips, matches or fishing when there are large shoals of big fish in your swim.  It can be used for pole, feeder or all-round float fishing for a huge variety of species including bream, roach, tench and hybrids."