Starfish Number One Groundbait Glue - 400g



SKU: K013

Starfish Number One Groundbait Glue - 400g
  • Starfish are a European-based producer of quality, value groundbaits, components, aromatics, and pellets.
  • The range has been developed by sport anglers, to suit a variety of angling situations and every budget.
  • Made with high quality, natural ingredients, impregnated with a food-based attractant aroma.
  • The Starfish Number One Components range comprises a number of quality additives to enhance the effect of your pre-packed groundbaits or to help you create your own unique mix.
  • 400g bag.
  • Donagh says: "This Groundbait Glue is a binder, designed to mix with your groundbait and carry it down to the bottom quickly and efficiently, even in deep or fast-moving waters.  For 90% of coarse fishing applications, it is imperative that your groundbait and particles get down to the bottom before breaking up, and this Glue is ideal for this purpose."