Shake 'n' Prey Multi-Jointed Pike Lure - Minnow - 7"

Shake 'n' Prey


Shake 'n' Prey Segmented Swimbait Minnow Lure
  • Highly effective lure with multi-segmented body for a lifelike, erratic action.
  • Realistic body pattern.
  • Irresistable to all predators.
  • Suits trolling or casting with a steady retrieve or jerk & stop for a highly effective injured fish simulation.
  • Belly and tail-mounted trebles.
  • Available in multiple models/patterns.
  • Donagh says: "While many lures are jointed, this Shake 'n' Prey Minnow is segmented in 6 different parts of the lure body, creating huge movement in the water.  See my video below where I demonstrate the jointed movement".