Armex Saxon Recurve Full-Sized Archery Bow 30-35lb



Armex Saxon Recurve Full Sized Archery Bow 30-35lb

  • A super-looking Recurve Bow, suitable for adults and teens.
  • Bow length: 59 1/4".
  • Draw weight: 30-35lb.
  • Draw length: 22-29".
  • Soft-touch reinforced, ambidextrous grip.
  • Integrated arrow rest.
  • Integrated adjustable sight pin.
  • Includes 2 x lighweight fibreglass arrows.
  • Complete instructions for use on packaging.
  • Colour: Wood Effect.
  • Full range of Archery Accessories available in our main Archery Collection.
  • Kevin says: "Archery bows come in two basic models - Recurve & Compound.  Recurve Bows are the more straightforward type.  The power increases as you pull the bow back.  Compound Bows use a system of pulleys and wheels to provide the power - they feels harder to pull as you start pulling back, but soften as you pull."