Salmo Jointed Pike Crank Bait - 13cm



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Salmo Jointed Floating Pike Crank Bait - 13cm

  • The Salmo Jointed Pike Crank Bait combines a superbly-realistic pike pattern and action, to make this lure virtually irresistible to these predators.
  • It's sure-fire performance in catching huge specimen pike is the reason that this lure is a best-seller.
  • Works best when retrieved slowly but erratically, with frequent stops, jerks and varying the speed of retrieve.
  • In large rivers, cast downstream and retrieve against the flow, allowing the lure to stop occasionally close to bank features and over submerged vegetation where predators may be lurking.
  • Through-wire construction
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Individually hand-tuned & tank-tested.
  • Premium black nickel VMC hooks.
  • Colour: Hot Pike.