Reel - MKII 506

Abu Garcia

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• The MK 506 reel is the next-generation to the iconic Mitchell 706 - for many years Abu's best-selling reel.
• The 506 keeps the name, look and all the best unique features of its predecessor, plus some key enhancements to further improve this fantastic reel, including:
• More secure handle;
• More efficient syncro drag via added carbon washers for ;
• Improved gear-lock design;
• Arrow added to the reel rotor to indicate correct direction to remove;
• The push button/pin release mechanism has improved to increase reliability;
• New ceramic coasted line pin reduces wear and increases winching power, while eliminating line tangle.
• Supplied with 3 x shallow, 1 x deep spool and a deluxe reel case, the MKII 506 is also saltwater protected.