Pitbull Baits Black Halibut Pellets - 1kg

Pitbull Baits


Pitbull Baits Black Halibut Pellets - 1kg
  • Pitbull Baits are a European range of groundbaits and pellets, developed by sport anglers, to suit a variety of angling situations and every budget.
  • These Halibut Pellets are impregnated with a strong halibut flavour, which is a classic attractant for carp, bream and tench.
  • They can be used for loose-feeding, adding to groundbait or used as a hookbait.
  • Central drilled hole, which allows them to be hair-rigged with ease, but also creates a carp-attracting splash as they hit the surface of the water.
  • Available in 4mm and 8mm sizes.
  • Ingredients: grain cereals, bread, herbs, minerals, nuts, food aromas and dyes.
  • 1kg bag.
  • Colour: Black.