Kinetic Tournament CL Ultra-Lightweight Spinning Combo


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Kinetic Tournament CL Ultra-Lightweight Spinning Combo

  • These Ultra and XXUltra Kinetic Tournament CL combos are designed for fishing trout and perch.
  • Suited to casting light lures and spinners, they are also perfect for worm fishing with a float, where you need a sensitive touch.
  • Available in a variety of lengths/casting weights and reel sizes, this premium combo consists of:
  • Kinetic Tournament CL Spinning Rod:
    • Parabolic and light carbon blank;
    • Well fitted put over ferrule;
    • High frame single legged SIC guides;
    • Full cork handle;
    • Classic graphite reel seat with metal hoods;
    • Available in 6ft6 and 7ft versions in different casting weights (see drop-down menu for details).
  • Kinetic Tournament CL Spinning Reel:
    • Graphite body and rotor;
    • Aluminum spool;
    • Disc drag system;
    • Fast bail arm;
    • Diecast aluminum handle with rubber knob;
    • 1000 FD.