Feedwell Dog Food - Maintenance - 15kg



Feedwell Supreme Dog Food - High-Quality - Resting/Sedentary/Elderly/Recovering Adult Dog

  • Feedwell have been specialising in the production of high-quality dog food for three generations.
  • OpenSeason.ie started stocking their working dog (Sport) range two years ago, and it has proven extremely popular with our gun-dog owning customers.
  • Due to popular demand, we now stock 4 varieties, each carefully tailored to meet the unique nutritional demands of different types of dogs, depending on their activity levels.
  • The range also includes Sport, Supreme and now Puppy varieties.
  • Maintenance (Red bag) caters for dogs which are resting, less active, overweight or elderly.
  • It contains cereals, cereal derivatives, meat, meat derivatives, oils, fats and minerals.
  • Nutritional Composition:
    • 18% Protein.
    • 6% Fat
    • 3.5% Crude Fibre
    • 8% Inorganic Material.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Low protein levels,
    • Calcium for healthy teeth & bones.
    • Fibre to aid digestion.
    • Vitamins for a healthy immune system.
    • Essential fats and oils to ensure a healthy, glossy coat.
  • NB Dog food orders to be picked up in-store.  While we can arrange delivery, this is a bulky item and additional delivery charge will be advised before we dispatch your order.