Cormoran Cora X Copper Pike Spoon - 28g



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Cormoran Cora X Copper Pike Spoon - 28g
  • This Cormoran Cora-X Copper Spoon has a long, slightly-angled body and realistic eye to provide attention in the water.
  • Ideal to attract any kind of predator, including pike, large trout, sea trout or salmon.
  • Great for long-distance casting - if you make retrieve stops at regular intervals, it will prove totally irresistible.
  • Copper plated spoon for long-lasting finish.
  • CGS Titanium treble.
  • Swivel and snap ring included.
  • Weight: 28g.
  • Length: 0.9cm.
  • NB eye colour may vary from picture shown.
  • Kevin says: "Copper spoons have always been a go-to pike angling favourite for justifiable reasons - they work consistently and well on large predator fish.  The copper colour of this Cora-X resembles the hybrids that pike love to attack".