Coast G22 Inspection Light


SKU: G22

Coast G22 Inspection Light
  • With its 100 lumens of brightness, a fixed Bulls-Eye Spot beam and convenient pocket clip, this torch is ideal to carry on your person, for carrying out inspections and spot-checks, or for general everyday use.
  • Made by Coast, who have almost 100 years' of specialisation in the design of lamps and torches, this is a very popular brand among our customers.
  • Two-mode beam with a 55m/180ft range.
  • Hotspot at the centre, and a surrounding halo of softer light to expand your viewing area.
  • Length: 4 inches/10cm.
  • Ultra-durable construction from top-grade Aluminium with IP54 storm proof and dust resistant cover.
  • Powered by 3xAAA alkaline batteries (included).
    • Replacement batteries available here.
  • Battery life: 5 hours on full beam and 17 hours on low.