New In-Store - protect against Summer's nastiest bug(ger)s...

New In-Store - protect against Summer's nastiest bug(ger)s...

As part of the new stock of camping & outdoor gear that landed in-store this week, we have some really effective items for keeping annoying (and even dangerous) summer pests at bay.... All available in-store or online in our Camping Department.  

  • Tick & Midge Spray: this is a really effective repellent, formulated in Scotland where they know a thing or two about ticks and midges.  All-day protection, and sweat/splash resistant, this is a super first-line defence against the likes of Lyme Disease, which is making the headlines at the moment*.
  • Mosquito Nets: we're also carrying single and double mozzie nets, which a number of customers have been asking us for.  Indispensable for your foreign travels, especially as even Europe is hotting up even more these days.

*here's some advice from the British Mountaineering Council on how to deal with ticks & midges.  

And as always, shout if you have any questions - we'll be happy to advise you.

Kevin & the Lads

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