New! Feedwell Puppy joins our Feedwell range of dog food

New!  Feedwell Puppy joins our Feedwell range of dog food
We mentioned a few weeks back that our Feedwell range dog food has really taken off, with gun dog and general pet owners telling us how much they rate this high quality product.
Due to customer demand, we have now added Feedwell's Puppy variety to our range.  Feedwell Puppy has been carefully tailored to meet the nutritional needs of young, growing puppies, with:
  • A smaller sized kibble;
  • Optimum protein and calcium levels for strong bone and muscle growth;
  • Wheat gluten-free;
  • Milk and whole egg powder providing high protein sources;
  • Natural omega 3 and 6 oils.
Available in 8kg bags, this complements our range of dog food to suit pets and working dogs of all activity levels including:
  • Maintenance (Red Bag) - for older, less active, overweight or resting dogs;
  • Supreme (Orange Bag) - for general adult dog use;
  • Sport (Green Bag) - for active, working or training dogs using a lot of energy.

And don't forget, our Dog Food Dozen Loyalty Card, which entitles you to a free 15kg bag of Maintenance, Supreme or Sport with every 12 purchased.  Get your card in-store!


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