Covid-19 Update - Shop Re-Opening 8 June (Phase 2)

Covid-19 Update - Shop Re-Opening 8 June (Phase 2)
We’re getting lots of queries about when we are re-opening the shop. Per the guidelines and the advice we have taken, this will be in Phase 2 (8th June as it currently stands).  In the meantime:
▶️ We are fully open & operating online;
▶️ Nationwide deliveries as normal – most are being delivered next day;
▶️ Local orders can be collected at the shop 1000-1200 each day;
▶️ No access inside the shop permitted at this time;
▶️ Phone ahead on 067-31774 if you want to order anything or need any advice;
▶️ Phone ahead for ammunition (available to view on our website).
We are working on what Open Season’s “new normal” will look like once we re-open on 8 June e.g. opening hours, staffing & social distancing - we will update once we have finalised our plans.
Thanks for your continued support!
Kevin & Loraine 👍
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